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With our ICu Team of nurses and Doctors our IVs are here to address all your needs from hangovers to weightloss, have a look at our iCU unit

IVs to Go

30 minute IVs to get you in and out with a boost for the day 

Glow To Go

Boost of glutathione and vitamin C For beauty and skin concerns as well as immunity boosting 

Energy To Go 

Vitamin packed to give you energy fight fatigue and mental sharpness 

Bluezone to Go

NAD+ drip to give you a boost of the miracle molecule to increase all aspects of life

Hydrate to Go

Immune boost to protect you from environmental  factors as well as pump up the immune system 

Premium Drips



(Hangover Drip)

Fluids and electrolytes for a pre-party booster or post party recovery with one medication for pain or nausea 



(The Hangover Regret)

Fluid and Electrolytes with added vitamins and B12 when you still need to be productive 



(The I''ll Never Drink again)

Fluids and Electrolytes, and a fully packed IV to keep you going after a presumptuous Friday night. Includes glutathione for liver detox


(Weightloss Drip)

Fluid and electrolytes as well as appetite curving vitamins and fat burn assistance from MIC B12

The Emergen-"C"
(Our Vitamin C Drip)


High dose of Vitimin C drip to boost immunity, increase healing and energize the body

The Brain De-Fog
(Mental Sharpness)

A drip to give you that mental edge!

Whether for a poker night, or studying for a big exam. This drip is here to give you an unfair advantage. 

The Jet Lag
( Jet Lag Drip )

Drip for recovery after traveling, with vitamins and electrolytes to rebalance the body 

The Einstein Advantage
Add the C-Squared 

( Nervous system health and Immunity)

Drip to increase mental sharpness and give you the edge you need, add on the C-squared for an extra dose of vitamin C for healing properties 

The Golden Ratio

LEVEL 1 | LEVEL 1.6 | LEVEL 1.618

( Glutathione and Vitamin C)

The premier Beauty drip, high packed with glutathione and vitamin C to get you glowing. 

Meyers cocktail

( The Original IV)

IV packed with nutrients familiar to most. The original vitamin drip 


(Detox Drip)

An IV to detox the body, and support healthy immunity with added glutathione, helpful with inflamation and removing harmful toxins in the body 

The Muscle Rehab

( Muscle Recovery Drip)

IV for post muscle recovery with electrolyte and amino acids to give you that added edge at the gym or to increase muscle healing 

The Headache

(Migraine and Headache Drip)

Magnesium and other elements that help you reduce stress, and relieve headaches. 

The Bluezone

(NAD+ Drip)

The longevity drip, Anti-aging, mental clarity, turning back the hands of time. our signature drip to increase longevity and quality of life. 

Hair Loss
( Biotin/Vitamins)

Drip to strenghten hair skin and nails with biotin and B complex to assist with hair loss and skin problems.  

ASK ABOUT OUR Bespoke Drips made just for you 

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