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We are a health and wellness IV infusion company that promotes longevity and quality of life

A Company Built By Community 

Bluezone IV  was founded in New York City in 2021; a year where we truly understood both the importance and fragility of our health. Research has found that a sense of community positively affects longevity and quality of life. Utilizing the available research, we decided to mold our company to align with the principles observed in the BlueZones of the world. It is within these BlueZones that people live exceptionally long, healthy and happy lives. With a sense of community, we built an infusion company which offers complimenting services to aid in modifying the factors we know will contribute to a long and healthy life. 


FOllow Our Journey 


What Are Communinity Is Saying 

Everyone has amazing energy they listen and are attentive to your needs, I feel a sense of community and partnership with the team and is why I trust them the most

Jillian Blanco

Not only great for hangovers, I set up and optimization plan with one of the  Bluesqaud and I have a noticeable difference in my quality of life

Christopher Neilson 

The environment is great! different locations with different vibes but always up to date without the sterile medical feel 

Jordan Prosser

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